Tinashe’ performs “2 On” on Wendy Williams

Why are people hating on Tinashe? I think she’s dope. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but after watching her interview on Hot 97 I fell in love with her personality. The 21 year old Kentucky native has been in the entertainment industry for years. She started as an actress at a very young age and eventually moved to music. Although she was born in the Midwest she claims LA as home. Other than Jhene Aiko she’s one of the few women from the west coast to actually pop. Yes, I’ll admit her live singing skills aren’t superb yet but give her a chance. She’s a new artist with a lot of potential. Being a great entertainer takes years of practice. Beyonce’s only the powerhouse she is today from years of hard work. No, I’m not saying Tinashe will be the next Beyonce but I am saying she has potential, a hit single, and many years ahead of her. Her album “Aquarius” is due on in September. I’ll be listening. Will you?

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