#TBT Intern Chronicles


Victor Cruz and I at Good Day New York.

There are so many things wrong with this picture. Why is my phone in my bra? Why is my belt hanging down? And why didn’t anyone give me a brush! Hair and makeup was right next door. (lol) The funny thing about this picture is I had no ideal who this man was and why everybody was so hype. All the interns, producers, writers, and staff were in a uproar about this Victor Cruz guy. I was completely oblivious. I knew he had to be a big deal if I wasn’t allowed to bring him upstairs. Usually I’d escort the  celebrity guests to the green room but not today. Cruz arrived with just enough time for his interview. They immediately took him to set. Daniel, another intern, was so excited to see him. He kept telling me how much he wanted a picture. He wasn’t the only one who wanted a picture. By the time Victor finished his interview there where people  from every department waiting for him. Cruz looked over-whelmed with all the people but he quickly shook it off and smiled for the cameras. I was the last person to get a picture because I didn’t want to seem unprofessional. But I figured it was okay when I saw producers and writers with cameras. Then again they had jobs and I was still a intern. (lol) Anyway the photo came out okay. I just wish I could’ve combed my hair. lol ! -JR

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