Life by Jas


This weekend I finally got out the house! I’m usually so tired from working that I never go anywhere. But I made it a priority to have some fun, especially since my hair was done. (lol) Thanks to the wonderful ladies at 1007 braids in Marietta for hooking me up!  Anyway, I found myself at several different cafes, bars, and  shops. Atlanta has me like a kid in a candy store. There’s something and someone dope around every corner. I never have a plan when I go exploring . I just end up places. Dressing the part is the only important part to me . I was in a easy going mood and I wanted my outfit to reflect that. My tie-dye knee-length dress was perfect for the occasion. I wanted to keep it simple so I paired it with converses, a few midi rings, and my fearless BCBG bracelet. Easy. Check out the places I went below !



Cafe Nineteen IMG_7650

I love this place! This cute little bar  is located in Atlantic Station. Although the bar is kinda overpriced I loved the vibe and decor. I sat at the bar and sipped on a glass of champagne and watched the last quarter of the Miami game. (I forgot who they were playing) Anyway it was really cute. There was outside sitting area, art on the wall, a piano, and a beautiful chandelier  in the middle of the cafe. I’ll definitely be returning !


Taco Mac

After all that running around in Atlantic station I decided to get something to eat. I found myself at Taco Mac. It’s a popular sports bar  located  in Atlanta area. It’s a cool spot to chill, eat, and catch a few games on one of the many flat screens. It’s baseball season so there were Brave games on most of the tvs. I’m not the biggest baseball fan but it’s entertaining to see/hear the fans reactions. (lol)

Wet Willies

My co-worker and I decided to meet at Wet Willies to decide what our moves would be that night. To be honest I thought Wet Willies was kind of ghetto (lol) But after a “Bahama Mama” I started to enjoy myself. I liked music, the people, and the general vibe. Our waitress was so sweet. ( I wish I could remember her name.) I also met a girl named “Spree.” She was hilarious!  As soon as she opened her mouth I knew she was from Atlanta. She told us we should go to “Hangovers.”


So we ended up at Hangover. It’s a bar in Buckead located next to a strip of other bars. It’s about 11:30 pm by now. I was surprised that there was no cover to get in. They also gave us a ticket for $1 well drinks, which we immediatly used. (lol) After about 20 minutes I knew  Hangover’s was not scene. They music selection was terrible! They were playing a Eminem song from like 2001. I wasn’t feeling it. But it wasn’t all bad. I met a nice banker from Wells Fargo who gave me advice on fixing my credit. He was the only normal guy I met that night. lol

Dive Bar divebar36x36

The bar was literally six steps away. It also had a free cover. I actually liked this bar. In the back room there was bar, a swing, fire lanterns, and there was no roof so you could look up and see the stars. The music selection was much better too.  All in all it was a good night. If you’re in the ATL check out Wet Willies, Taco Mac, and Atlantic Station.


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