Style Stalking : Like a Boy

In your 20’s you’re constantly changing and evolving. Each day you come closer to figuring out who you are. One of the things that’s changed in my life is my style. In college, I just wanted to be “different.” Looking back, I just looked crazy. Then I went through my naked phase where everything had to be tight and short. But for the most part I’ve always been a girly girl. At 24 I’m ready to reinvent my style. I want to bring my feminine flair to street-wear. Street-wear encompasses elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute couture fashion. Lately I’ve been so inspired by Teyana Taylor’s street style. She has a knack for taking masculine items like jerseys and sneakers and making them look dope. Rihanna’s also great at combining feminine and masculine pieces. I love when she pairs jerseys and stilettos together. Aaliyah is my biggest inspiration. She was epitome of the sexy tomboy. Gradually her style evolved but I think it’s because she perfected the tomboy look and was ready to conquer a more polished look . My journey is the exact opposite. I’ve conquered dresses, heels, and everything girly. I’m ready to conquer something new! Fashion is suppose to fun and I’m ready to have some fun. The pictures below are looks I’m inspired by. Enjoy !

teyana-taylor-air-jordan-iv-4-cavs(1)article-2496111-194FFD6C00000578-728_634x884Tae-Heckard-My-5-SpizikeCiara-Future-01jourdan-dunn-bulls-jersey-wireless-festival-uk-chanel-sneakers-b-side-by-wale-hatairport bwtumblr_mwgrprpACV1r43axjo1_500rihanna_glamour_24jun13_rex_b_592x888teyana-taylor-3o-RIHANNA-SENS-JERSEY-facebook

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