Behind the scenes of Scandal!

If you’re anything like me you’re having “Scandal” withdrawals. The show is currently on hiatus until February 27h. It’s bad enough that this season will only have 18 episodes instead of 22 because of Kerry’s recent pregnancy now a hiatus! Yes, we are very happy for Kerry Washington’s bundle of joy. But what are we suppose to do for the next couple of months? I live for Thursday nights in front of the television on the edge of my seat. I miss gushing with my twitter followers about every single moment. Scandal racks up about 190,000 tweet per episodes. “Black twitter” probably accounts for at least 70% of those tweets. Long story short I miss Scandal. However I did watch BET’s new drama “Being Mary Jane” starring the gorgeous Gabrielle Union. The show was pretty good but it wasn’t the drama filled fixed I was looking for. Although Mary Jane goes through her share of drama; she’s having an affair with a married man. I wasn’t too thrilled about that storyline and neither were my followers. But it was nice to reunite with my fellow gladiators to obsess about another show. If “Being Mary Jane” wasn’t for you there’s some videos below to hold you over until Ms. Pope returns to primetime television. In the first video Kerry shows us Olivia’s “closet” which includes her coveted Prada bag, Jimmy Choo platforms, Giorgio Armani  jackets and so much more. The next video is a blooper real which is hilarious. You can catch Columbus dancing, Bellamy dropping  f bombs, and Kerry messing up her lines. The last videos are just a few of my favorite scenes from the series like the infamous scene where Liv demands Fitz to “earn her.”  And I had to include the scene where Liv’s father reads Fitz’s to filth. (lol) The acting in this show is just superb. I hope you guys enjoy the videos. February is right around the corner. (kind of) We will reunite soon gladiators.

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