Beyonce’s self-titled documentary Part 5. “You set women free,” says Pharrell

Beyonce’s back with part 5 of her self-titled documentary! If you’re  anything like me you’ve been anxiously waiting for Beyonce to release each video. The mini-documentaries have chronicled Bey’s journey to create her first visual album. Mrs. Carter is more candid than ever showing us the most intimate moments of her life. The latest video is entitled “Honesty,” which features cameos from Justin Timberlake and super producer Pharrell. The video catches up with the queen recording soulful track “Rocket.” Superstar Justin Timberlake stands there speechless as Beyonce’ belts out notes from deep inside. The entire room seems stunned that one person can be so talented. Pharrell proclaims ” You just ran through  jail and  just let all the women out. You set women free.”  Her new found confidence to say what’s on most women’s minds has inspired us all.  “Honesty is the glue that holds this album together” says Beyonce’.  The truth is Beyonce’s album has set women free. This album is the confirmation that we can be unapologetically beautiful, sexy, fearless, and powerful.  Thank you Beyonce’ for shining your light and unconsciously giving us the permission to do the same.  Check out Part 5 below but catch up on 1-4 first! Part 4 “Liberation” was my favorite. What’s your favorite ??

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