Turning a hustle into a empire: The Ming Lee story

“I was turned down by 42 different salons” says self- made millionaire Ming Lee. Most people would have been discouraged but the self- proclaimed hustler used it as motivation. Five years later Ming is the owner of  popular Atlanta salon and hair boutique “Snob Life Studios.”  At 19, she moved from her hometown of Detroit to Atlanta to pursue a career. After waitressing for three years she needed a change. A wrong turn on the interstate lead her to Aveda Beauty Institute where she pick up a brochure and learned about a scholarship opportunity. Although she only had two days to complete the application she won the scholarship. “It wasn’t luck. I don’t believe in luck” Ming  says about the winning the scholarship.  After graduating from beauty school she set her sights on opening her own salon. On July 1st 2013 she did just that. Ming credits her success to passion, drive, and most importantly God. With just $500 dollars and twitter she turned an idea into a empire. Her future plans include motivational speaking, a hair product line, becoming a beauty correspondent, and eventually taking over the world. For now catch Ming at Snob Life Studios or  promoting her business. “I eat, breathe, and sleep my brand.” You can expect bigs things from Ming in 2014. She’s already been featured in magazines such as “The Source” and “Everything Girls Love.”  Ming is also generous with her knowledge of marketing and branding by holding marketing seminars at her hair salon.  I decided to profile Ming because we have similar stories.  Just like Ming I moved to Atlanta with nothing but talent and ambition. Everyday it’s a new obstacle. Sometimes I feel completely lost.  But Ming’s story is confirmation that with hard work and dedication you can make all your dreams come true. So this is my salute to you King Ming and all the dreamers out there. Hope you guys are inspired.  Check out  Part 1 of her documentary below!!



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