Velvet! Velvet! Velvet!

Leather is easily  the most over worn item of the fall. Everywhere you look there’s leather pants, joggers, skirts, and shirts. I even got caught up in the craze. A few weeks ago I blogged about my love for leather. But after seeing it sooooo much it’s kinda lost it’s luster. My newest baby is velvet. Yes! I said velvet. I think it’s gotten a bad wrap over the years because of Rick James circa 1983 and velour suits. (lol)  But as we all know fashion moves in cycles and velvet has made it’s way back around. The silky soft material is perfect for the autumn/winter months. There’s something so sexy about rocking a velvet adorned ensemble. Fly girls Rihanna and Kim K. have been seen rocking the material. It instantly adds glam to any look. You’re sure to turn heads! If you’re afraid to wear a full velvet outfit try a purse ,pair of heels, or even your nails. Step outside of your comfort zone this season. I have some inspiration below to get you started! Happy shopping! (Sidenote: Rihanna murdered that velvet one piece! Where is it from?  I need that in my life immediately!)

33968.0.browse-mThe Kardahsian Sisters Enjoy Dinner with Their Men in London29025.0.browse-mRihanna-goes-clubbing-at-SL3

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