First lady of TDE Sza shows her “Teen Spirit” in new video

Hey guys, every once and while I get completely obsessed with an artist. Past obsessions include J. Cole, Kendrick, and now SZA. TDE definitely has a winner. I always thought Jhene Aiko was TDE’s first lady but new Jersey native SZA has  the official title. We got our first glimpse of the beauty during the Hip Hop Awards cypher. Her beautiful curly hair immediately caught my eye (lol) . I finally got a chance to check out her video for Teen Spirit in October. I absolutely loved the visual and the song. Her sound, tone, and voice are perfect and so different from anything I’ve seen. She’s the perfect addition to the TDE team. Her EP “S” is also amazing. The EP has 8 singles which include the first single “Ice Moon,” which is a fantasy driven song that will take you on trip. I can’t wait to see more from SZA in the new year! Check out her EP, tumbler, and new video for Ice moon!!

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