Fall Obsession: Leather

It’s finally my favorite time of the season! It’s Autumn! I love the fall for a few reasons: my birthday, the cool weather, and the fashion. What season is more stylish than the fall? I’ve been plotting on a few items since May.  The main item I’ve been eyeing is leather. I’m obsessed with leather and fur. But we’ll talk about that fur obsession later.  For now, leather has the spotlight. Here’s a few leather pieces I found. Hope it gives some ideas for the season. Check out the last picture. Kim K killed that look !

42268454e09e54bc_Jennifer-Lopez-Black-Leather-Pencil-skirt.xxxlarge_1 Bool-2012-sheepskin-genuine-leather-one-piece-dress-women-s-slim-leather-skirt-1650 Heidi-Klum-Hot-in-Leather-Pants-in-Beverly-Hills--08 thigh-high-boots-14_GfVkW_23163Kim-Kardashian-leather-pants

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