Ultimate Pool Party 8/17

This weekend I finally got out and had some fun. A fellow alum decided to throw the  “Ultimate Pool Party.” This party had all the ingredients to be epic but the rain had other plans. But despite the wetness we had a good time. We rode almost an hour to get there so I was going to enjoy myself regardless. The party was held on a massive estate in Suffolk, Virginia. There was a basketball court, volleyball, trampoline, beer pong, ping pong and slip and slide. I was the ping pong champ. (lol)  After the rained stopped the fun started. The dj had all the ladies dancing and acting ratchet. (lol) I had a great time.  The host was a little disappointed about the rain but he was happy about the turn out. He said he’s thinking about having another party next summer. Hopefully the weather will hold out but if not we’ll still have fun. 🙂 Check out the pictures below.

IMG_5290 IMG_5289 IMG_5298 IMG_5281

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